Welcome to the World of Creativity & Fashion!

A world where no one is left behind through up-cycled fashion. Through recycling we preserve the environment and creating employment opportunities for youth and persons with disabilities.

  • Welcome to Kimuli Fashionability!

    Welcome to Kimuli Fashionability!

    Transforming the waste crisis in Africa into employment opportunities for disabled tailors through creative skills training.
  • Fashions Shows

    Fashions Shows

    Creative and inclusive Fashion shows
  • Waste Collection

    Waste Collection

    Turning plastic waste into affordable fashion products hence creating employment for the youth and disabled.
  • Community Sensitization(Ground-awareness)

    Community Sensitization(Ground-awareness)

    We organize sensitization programs in schools, children Camps and open communities on waste prevention and management.
  • Shop from Us

    Shop from Us

    Shopping from kimuli Fashionability you directly contribute towards plastic waste reduction and employment of Youth and Disabled.
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