Zahara Nabirye

Production Manager

Born In Uganda, and grew up in Jinja, after completing school she started moving on the streets of Jinja collecting plastic waste to make fashionable jewelry and foot wear in order for her to earn a living .She gained experience in the field of making products from plastic waste and she went head on researching the impact of climate change on rural livelihoods in Jinja. She was inspired to continue her studies with a focus on the environment and the pressing topic of waste in particular. In 2017 she joined the social innovation academy where she felt she was part of a movement to tackle environmental issues such as waste and bring about much needed change. Zaharahher passionate about waste reduction and fighting plastic pollution. She describes her adventure with waste as having started with up-cycling plastic waste and materials collected from the community and turning these into garments and accessories. This experience inspired her to want to work on closing the tap on plastic waste and thus joined kimuli fashionability. She sees the work at kimuli fashionability as just the beginning and believes it has the potential to scale up in a big way. “What I like about kimuli fashionability is that with a very small team, in a short amount of time, they were able to create something quite big; a worthwhile cause that she wanted to contribute to, she feels kimuli fashionability has a wonderful approach to solving one of the world’s most important issues – waste management.

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